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Temporary Works design and verification hold immense significance for Contractors. Identifying these requirements early is crucial as oversight can result in substantial unforeseen costs.

Pittilla Bell Consulting understands the critical nature of Temporary Works design. With a rich history of experience in this domain, our engineers offer expert advice, design, and verification services tailored to various temporary works projects.


  • Designing Working platforms/piling mats/crane mats

  • Creating Tower crane foundations

  • Constructing Retaining structures

  • Ensuring Slope stability

  • Developing Embedded retaining walls

  • Implementing Falsework

  • Designing Formwork (proprietary and bespoke)

  • Providing Propping solutions

  • Constructing Temporary platforms/decks/roofs

  • Maintaining Façade retention

  • Complying with Highways Agency CG 300 design standards

  • Adhering to Network rail form C and fulfilling CRE duties

  • Conducting Stability assessments

  • Designing Lifting beams/frames

  • Executing Jacking procedures

  • Designing Scaffold structures

  • Implementing Needling/masonry restraint measures

  • Installing Fencing/hoarding/Signs

  • Performing Category 3 checks

  • Preparing F002/03 Submissions and undertaking CRE and CEM roles

Image by Pedro Miranda

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