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Revitalising existing building structures, whether it involves a straightforward re-roofing project or a more intricate 'cut and carve' process, is an area where Pittilla Bell Consulting excels.


Our Structural and Civil Engineering teams possess extensive experience and expertise in producing practical and cost-effective designs for building refurbishment projects, irrespective of their scale, intricacy, or level of complexity.

Building Refurbishment Engineering Solutions

At Pittilla Bell Consulting, we prioritise early engagement in the building refurbishment process. Our approach begins with comprehensive structural surveys, condition assessments, and load capacity evaluations to determine the feasibility of refurbishment initiatives. Utilising advanced engineering modeling techniques, we refine calculations to fully understand and optimize the load-carrying capacity of structures.

In instances where strengthening is necessary to meet client objectives, we apply our core engineering principles of practicality, buildability, and economy to design solutions. Through 3D modeling, we generate design options that enhance visualization and facilitate collaboration among stakeholders.


At Pittilla Bell Consulting, we are committed to delivering effective and efficient building refurbishment engineering solutions.

Image by Renan
Brick Construction


Our offerings in Refurbishment Engineering encompass:

  • Structural Inspections and Surveys

  • Feasibility Studies and Evaluation of Structural Solutions

  • Structural Calculations and Design

  • Evaluations of Foundations and Substructures

  • Examination and Reporting of Building Defects

  • Surveys on Structural Conditions

  • Assessment Calculations

  • Qualitative Evaluations

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