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At Pittilla Bell Consulting, we leverage innovation, specialised skills, and cutting-edge technology, complemented by our vast industry experience. This combination enables us to provide pragmatic engineering solutions that offer tangible value and functionality to both our new and established clientele.

Performance & Economy

As Civil Engineers we seek the balance between strength, rigidity, longevity and safety on one side and size, cost, speed of construction and buildability on the other to specifically suit each Client’s particular brief.


Computer modelling and design techniques are employed allowing us to extract maximum efficiency and performance from the solutions which we develop. Clear, concise and accurate computer generated models and drawings are produced to convey information in a transparent and readily understandable way for the benefit of all those involved in the Design and Construction of the Project.


Designs are developed and co-ordinated with the requirements of other Engineering disciplines, as well as the Client, to provide an integrated Design solution.

Compliance with the CDM regulations

During the design phase, emphasis is placed upon achieving safe construction, operation, maintenance and ultimately demolition of the structure, as required by the Construction Design Management Statutory Regulations.



Civil Engineering Projects generally involve those works which are built under, into or on the ground including:

  • Building Foundations

  • Heavy Machine Foundations

  • Overhead Crane Foundations

  • Tower and Mast Foundations

  • Piling

  • Retaining Walls

  • Roads

  • Surface Water and Foul Drainage

  • Groundworks

  • Earthworks and Embankments

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